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Asylum Seekers

An asylum seeker is any foreigner who considers him or herself a victim of persecution in his or her country of origin and wants to acquire the protection of Brazil. In order to request refugee status, it is necessary to be present in the Brazilian territory and to seek a Federal Police Station or the immigration authority at the border. After the request has been made, the foreigner will receive a protocol, through which he can follow his or her case before the National Committee for Refugees (CONARE) and benefit the social rights guaranteed in Brazilian law.

Booklet for Asylum Seekers in Brazil (UNHCR)



A refugee is any person who, in fear of being persecuted for reasons of race, religion, nationality, social group, political opinion, or because of a serious and widespread violation of human rights, is outside of their country of origin and cannot, or, because of this fear, does not want to use the protection of their country of origin. A person is a refugee regardless of whether or not his or her status has already been recognized through a legal eligibility process.

Booklet for Refugees in Brazil (UNHCR)


An immigrant is any national of another country or a stateless person who works or resides temporarily or definitively in Brazil.

New Law on Migration (Law 13445/2017)

Partner Institutions

CEPRI- Casa Rui always strives to broaden its network of contacts with other institutions that work with refugees, refugees and immigrants, in order to guarantee their rights in Brazil.


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